Examination for sexually transmitted diseases and its early detection are substantial

Screening for sexually transmitted diseases, most commonly AIDS, syphilis, neisseria gonorhoeae - gonorrhea, genital herpes, chlamydia trachomatis, ureaplasma (ureaplasma urealyticum and ureaplasma parvum) or mycoplasma, should be undertaken regularly (not only in case of changing a partner).

If you want to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases, you can request the tests at the gynecology, urology department or at departments of medical specializations at ATODA Medical. Call us and we will be happy to help you with everything.


Tests for sexually transmitted diseases and illnesses (tests for sexually transmitted diseases) at ATODA Medical

At ATODA Medical we test patients not only for chlamydia and all the above-mentioned sexually transmitted diseases but also for mycoplasma genitalium and mycoplasma hominis - genital infections or trichomonas (vaginal whipworm).

Remember that a “quick” test that you can get at the pharmacy,  will never be as reliable as the one done by specialized medical  staff using the appropriate test kits.


Do you want to undergo a test for sexually transmitted diseases? Prices may vary

At ATODA Medical, we always explain to patients what the specificly given disease entails, what organs and body systems or functions the disease affects, what the symptoms and signs look like, point out the significance of treatment and prevention.

Of course, you will pay a different amount for the chlamydia test for men and women than for the gonorrhea test. Trichomoniasis, for example, is also a very common disease, and the test for it also costs a different amount. The prices change frequently, for that reason it is possible to request a price list at the reception or ask about the price during a phone call.


Test for Sexually transmitted disease and illness with short waiting periods

HIV or gonorrhea, a blood test or testing by using swabs ... everything will be explained to you by ATODA Medical doctors who will have enough time to take care of you. In case follow-up care is required, you can enjoy the complex medical care under one roof at our private clinic. Above the standard also includes very short waiting times and booking for an exact time without waiting or offering our services in the evening hours, by prior arrangement.

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