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Haemorrhoids diagnostics and treatment

When hearing the word "haemorrhoids", most of us feel ashamed a bit. However, haemorrhoids complicate our life unnecessarily.  

Haemorrhoids bother every second person in his/her thirties and they appear in the people over 40 practically without exception. Treatment is not drastic. It is actually successful.

What haemorrhoids are

  • Haemorrhoids are enlarged varicose veins at the anus canal or directly in rectum.
  • Internal haemorrhoids are created inside rectum and cause bleeding after stool but there might not be any symptoms. Large haemorrhoidal nodes tend to come out from the rectum during stool and it is difficult to push them back.
  • External (outer) painful haemorrhoids circle the anus canal and they can disappear in some time.

Complications of haemorrhoids are bleeding, acute thrombosis or inflammatory changes.

In the acute stage, the area of the rectum is very painful.

Are you not sure, if this problem applies to you, or have you met with the insensitive approach?

Make an appointment with our specialist, MUDr. Pavel Beňo who introduced the procedures of modern treatment in the CR after his successful study stays abroad.

Haemorrhoids have four stages and the sooner you arrive, the easier way is to remove them. At the first stages, different preparations are used such as suppositories and creams. At the later stages, it is better to undergo small medical intervention. In ATODA Medical, we remove haemorrhoids by the non-surgical but completely considerate method which is not painful. After the initial examination, a doctor will determine the most suitable method of treatment and intervention. Barron ligation method, i.e. haemorrhoids ligation with a special ring. The principle is based on the severance of nutrients to the haemorrhoidal node which will mortify and leave together with stool in several days. There are also the patients in which the node falls away already on the second day after intervention.

Ask for the first free date at the reception of ATODA Medical.

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