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Inflammation of the urinary tract and bladder - symptoms

Are you experiencing mild or excruciating bladder pain?

Urinary tract and bladder inflammation are one of the most common diseases that affect many individuals around the world. The symptoms of cystitis and bladder inflammation can not only be uncomfortable but also quite limiting, which is why it is important to pay immediate attention to them.

Symptoms of bladder and urinary tract inflammation include:

  • Overactive bladder (frequent urination),
  • burning sensation when urinating,
  • pain in the lower abdomen or back of the body,
  • or even the presence of blood in the urine.

If you are bothered by any of the above, don't hesitate to stop by ATODA Medical for a bladder examination , which also deals with issues such as incontinence treatment in the urogynecology department.

What are the causes and risks of urinary tract infection and cystitis in children and adults?

Whether it is cystitis in women or urinary tract infection in men, the causes can be varied.

What are some of the most common triggers of urinary tract and bladder inflammation?

  • Common cold,
  • a poorly treated infection,
  • inappropriate clothing (too tight clothing),
  • or even genetic predispositions.

Women are usually more susceptible to this disease than men, mainly due to anatomical differences. In addition, inflammation often occurs during pregnancy.

If you suspect common or recurrent urinary tract and bladder infections or suffer from any of the symptoms, do not hesitate to make an appointment with our top-notch private clinic for examination and treatment immediately. The soon er our doctors identify and begin to address, for example, chronic cystitis in men or cystitis in women, the easier and faster recovery can be achieved and the risk of serious complications minimized.

Do not neglect your health, because health is the most precious thing we have.

Inflammation of the urinary tract and bladder: treatment

The treatment of cystitis always requires consultation with a doctor. The patient is often given a test and then given prescription medication or antibiotics directly, the dosage of which should be followed exactly as prescribed by the doctor.

Prevention of urinary tract and bladder inflammation includes drinking sufficient fluids, maintaining good intimate hygiene especially after sex (after intercourse), avoiding prolonged retention of urine and avoiding potential irritants such as household chemicals.

Chronic inflammation of the urinary tract in men and women

If you choose to ignore the symptoms mentioned above, you can expect frequent bladder and urinary tract infections. But the unpleasant symptoms of cystitis and bladder inflammation can be just the tip of the iceberg.

Whether it is urethritis, prostatitis or urinary tract infections, treatment should ideally come as soon as possible. If left untreated, these diseases can spread to the kidneys, which can lead to serious complications such as kidney infections or even kidney failure. Therefore, it is essential not to neglect any symptoms and seek medical attention immediately.

Our urology department allows for early diagnosis and the initiation of appropriate treatment, minimizing the risk of serious complications.

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