Initial medical examination

An initial medical examination is the first step to becoming our patient

We are a non-state medical facility focused on delivering comprehensive care at the highest level. Do you want to become our patient? Order by phone or by e-mail. An initial medical examination is waiting for you in order for you to be our patient. If the initial medical examinations are done, amongst other things, because our primary objective is prevention and to determine the health status of each patient. Both adult and children.

We offer initial medical examinations before entrance to the workplace

An initial medical check-up does not have to wait for you at our facility when you want to be our patient. We also focus on corporate health care. If the inspection is required by law, you will have to obey it. The initial health check is a confirmation of your eligibility. After completing it, of course, we will confirm all related documents. Doctor examination can be done on a day and a time that suits you. Contact us to arrange a specific date.

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