Internal medicine

Unfortunately, we currently do not accept any new patients for any examinations on nefrology due to capacity being completely full.

Internal medicine is today one of the basic disciplines of clinical medicine. Internal medicine is primarily concerned with diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of internal organs in adult patients.

A top internal exam is also available in our clinic

Are you looking for a specialist who performs top-class internal examinations and can diagnose problems not only with internal organs, but also with health in general? We are glad to welcome you to our clinic. You can use phone or email orders for a specific term.

Our internal ambulance Prague offers a wide range of services

Due to specialists, the internal ambulance does not focus solely on the treatment of internal organs. We offer an individual approach and complexity, which is related to the diagnosis of several different diseases at once, as well as various chronic diseases.

Our Interna Prague cooperates with other departments

Since the illnesses can be of varying origin, the internal medicine is naturally linked with other fields that we offer at ATODA Medical. These include the area of obesity and metabolism or a number of other areas.

MUDr. Karin Taussig

Internist, General practitioner for adults

MUDr. Karin Taussig

Graduated in medicine in Bratislava, Comenius University,

2004 - attestation in internal medicine

2008 - attestation in general medicine

9 years in The Military University Hospital

2005 - till now EUC

2017 - until now ATODA Medical


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