Metabolism and overweight

Unfortunately, we currently do not accept any new patients for any examinations in this field due to capacity being completely full.

Fabric transformation or metabolism is essential for the proper functioning of the human body and is a prerequisite for health. If the metabolism does not work as it should, it can mean a number of different ailments.

Metabolism and its disorders can be detected

Our team of experienced metabolic experts can detect its malfunction and, of course, suggest the right course of treatment that will lead to a problem-solving process. This will again ensure the right balance associated with creation, absorption, but also storage for the body of so many important substances.

Our specialization is also obesity medicine

Incorrectly functioning metabolism can also be associated with overweight that goes down to obesity. A part of our metabolism clinic is purely dedicated to obesity medicine. Here too we can help patients address their problems in terms of the need to reduce their weight, but also to eliminate the health problems that may be associated with increased weight.

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