Alzheimer's disease - preventive neurological examination

  • Do you have any doubts as to whether your brain is working properly?
  • Do you forget more than usual? Do you not remember important details?
  • Are you worried that some of your loved ones are suffering from brain disease?

Alzheimer's disease is becoming an epidemic of our time. It is estimated that every fifth person over 60 years, suffers from Alzheimer's. The age for the onset of the disease is constantly decreasing.

Symptoms: loss of memory, speech disorders, problems with smooth expression, forgetfulness, rapid mood changes, change of personality - anxiety, frivolity, indifference, separation - loss of interest in loved ones, hobbies, work, bad judgment and difficult decision making, disorientation in space (even in familiar places) and time, difficult fulfillment of formerly common tasks, loss of imagination

Prevention: a positive attitude toward yourself and life, memory training, maintaining physical fitness, livelihood

First, correct diagnosis is important: it allows professional help to be maximally effective.

Come to a comprehensive neurological examination in time for the first symptoms.

Together we can fight this terrible disease!

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