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Nutritional therapy is a medical field which does not only deal with prevention, but also contributes to the treatment of the disease by optimizing the nutrition of the individual.

A nutritional therapist is part of a multiprofessional team

He or she actively cooperates with a general practitioner, a physician, a physiotherapist and a psychologist.

The most common goal of consultation is to deal with health problems which result from overweight, obesity or malnutrition, that is high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, reduced glucose tolerance, incipient diabetes. By changing your diet you can reduce your fat storage, reduce your risk at the waist, and if your physical activity is sufficient, you can influence your body composition to gain muscles and improve your fitness and performance. At the other end of the nutritional spectrum, malnutrition or poor nutrition) is the result of illness or older age. It is ideal to advise on nutrition before any of the above-mentioned health problems occur.

Balanced diet, physical activity and regeneration of the body with proper sleep which is good and long enough is the best prevention of the disease and an efficient part of treatment!

Consultations with a nutritional therapist include:

• Personal and nutritional history
• Anthropometric examination and determination of body composition on bioimpedance apparatus and interpretation of results
• Lifestyle analysis including exercise, rest, sleep, smoking and alcohol consumption
• Analysis of existing diet and eating habits
• Assessing the energy balance and intake of individual nutrients
• Determination of basal metabolic rate, or resting energy expenditure
• Individual suggestion of energy intake and recommended protein, carbohydrate and fat intake
• Individual suggestion of proper diet

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