Orthopaedics Prague 7 - private orthopedic clinic

Every good orthopedist knows that this branch is associated with prevention, treatment, rehabilitation as well as disorders and diseases of the locomotor and musculoskeletal system. And top quality care in all areas we can offer you.

Our orthopedics Prague operates in outpatient mode

If you have any orthopedic problem, do not hesitate and order yourself. Our ordination hours are chosen to suit you as well.

Not only for adults. Children's orthopedics are also available

We are not only focusing on adult patients. Children's orthopedics are also involved with us. Whether your child has any problem, our ambulance is open to him as well. Do not be afraid to order our specialists.

Child orthopedics understands small patients

We know that child care medical treatment is often more complicated than in adults. Our children's orthopedic Prague therefore offers not only top expertise, but also an individual approach focused on gaining the trust of every child.

Our orthopedics (Prague 7) will offer a unique individual approach

We care about every patient and so we strive for an individual approach.We offer not only the initial investigation but also subsequent consultation with a doctor who will explain everything that relates to your problem, including treatment methods.

Our private orthopedic clinic Prague is among the top

Orthopedic workplace of our clinic can be considered one of the best in terms of expertise. Private Orthopedic Clinic Praha, which operates under the auspices of Atoda Medical surely will meet the needs of even the most demanding patients.

We know that even private orthopedics must have an overlap

Due to the complexity orthopedic problems, our specialists cooperate with a range of other fields in order to achieve the best possible care. An example is neurology, a field of physiotherapy, as well as experts on rheumatism.

Our orthopedic clinic Prague is open to you as well

Come to our specialists too. You can either book by phone or come on weekdays, within our office hours and arrange a checkup. Our orthopedic clinic, Prague 7, will be happy to welcome you both in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening. The times be suggested by a receptionist who will always cooperate with you, to ensure that the checkup is fitting for you, our client.

Prim. MUDr. Jan Tomaides


Education: 1st Faculty of medicine, Charles University, Prague. Texas Medical Center - Orthopaedics, Memorial Hermann. The University of Texas - Orthopaedics, M. D.  Anderson Cancer Center.

Experiences: 1. orthopaedic clinic FN Motol, Prague. Head of the Orthopaedics Hospital Říčany. Surgeon – orthopaedic procedures Iscare.


MUDr. Karel Němec


Education: First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University.


Order to the doctor

Order to the doctor
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