Allergy care and immunology

Allergic and immunological diseases are often associated with more severe health problems of the human organism. Our specialists therefore treat each patient not only individually, but they also have plenty of time for their comprehensive examination.

Our immunology is one of the best in Prague

It is precisely for the complexity of the subject that the goal is to provide top-notch care, always starting with partial examinations. Based on a detailed examinations, we can get the initial information about your health and then proceed further. For this complexity, our allergology and immunology are one of the best.

Allergology Prague is for children and adults

Do you or your children suffer from allergies? Allergology is where we can help you. Not only do we know exactly what you are allergic to, but also suggest the right course of treatment to eliminate the symptoms. It's also associated with individual counseling to help you cope with the life of allergies.

We'll provide you with top immunological examinations

Thanks to experienced physicians and top-notch equipments, we'll provide the best immunological examination, with the aim of identifying factors that can affect your morbidity and the incidence of infections. Based on this, we will propose optimal further treatment.

Order for both immunological and allergic examination

Do you need an initial examination and treatment which works? Whether it is an immunological or allergic examination, book by telephone or email to our clinic. Our opening hours are more compliant than other clinics, according to many people.

MUDr. Darina Šedivá

Allergy care and immunology

Educated at: LFUK Bratislava, Slovakia. Attestation of the first degree Pediatrics Attestation of the second degree Pediatrics Alergology attestation and clinical immunology Internship at St. Peter Medical Center, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA Intership AKH Vienna, Immunological laboratory.

Work experience: Pediatric Department at Ružmberok and Nitra, Slovakia / 1984-1993/ Chief physician of the Allergology ambulance and clinical Immunology  IKEM Prague /2004-2007/ Allergology Ambulance at Canadian Medical Care /2009-2011/ Allergology department and clinical Immunology department at IKEM Prague /1995-2019/


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