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A field that focuses on the study of human behavior as well as on mental and psychical processes. This includes their mutual relationships. Clinical psychologist is one of our services in ATODA Medical, whatever your problem is. We also offer clinical psychology.

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Improve your human satisfaction, improve your health and quality of life. All this and much more can be ensured by an experienced psychologist you can visit at ATODA Medical.

The Psychological Counseling Center in Prague will help you with any problem

It does not matter what your specific problem is. The psychological counseling center in Prague 7 Holešovice, with an experienced team, is here to hear your problem and start a therapy that will lead to its elimination and improvement of your life.

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We always try to evaluate the findings from our patients so that we can help them and improve the quality of their lives. As patients show, our psychological counseling works very well.

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We treat each patient individually. Whether it comes to a particular problem or you need a comprehensive psychological examination. Do not hesitate to make a phone call get your visit.

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Whether you have any psychological problem, psychology is here for you too. You can come to us at any time during our office hours, or order by phone.

PhDr. Miroslava Benešová (coaching)


Qualification: Attestation in the field of clinical psychology and functional specialization focused on psychotheraphy. Studied single-subject clinical psychology at Faculty of Arts , Charles University, Prague, postgradual studies in the area of medical psychology at 1. Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague, currently training in Psychotherapy focused on transmission and coutertransference in psychotherapy.

Certification: Self-experiential psychotherapeutic training in the C. R. Rogers Client Approach, training focused on Bodytherapy, Executive coaching, Somatic coaching, course in Applied psychology and diagnostics, Rorschach method, Operative diagnostics of personality OPD-II, Differential diagnostics for clinical psychologists, Thematic-apperception test in clinical practice, Work with family, Education in the method of Focusing and many others.


Mgr. Lucie NOVOTNÁ



Master´s degree in clinical and abnormal psychology – Université René Descartes, Paris - France.

Post-graduate specialization in Clinical Psychology - Projection Tests  - Université René Descartes, Paris - France.

Currently undergoing psychotherapeutic training in Gestalt therapy (5 years)

Professional experience:

 I work with clients in individual and couple consultations and therapies.  The clients either  come to search help or support in actual difficult situation  or I also work with clients who have deeper personality problems.  Amongst frequently encountered  issues belong anxiety and depression,  searching for new motivation in life,  communication disorders, burn-out, parenting, partnership and relationship questions, etc.

 I believe that each person has a potential to live a fulfilled life and I try to help my clients to rediscover this potential and to find the path to their own inner sources.


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