When and where a child psychologist will help you (Prague)

Child clinical psychologist treats children and teenagers, who struggle with developmental or combined disabilities, with severe disorders and other health problems. A psychologist, for both children and teenagers, can deal for example with:

  • Pervasive developmental disorders (motor, emotional, cognitive, speech abnormalities),
  • Psychotic disorders (schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder),
  • Chronic diseases,
  • Developmental disorders,
  • Sensory defects,
  • Physical or combined disabilities and others


Leave it to the experts: Child clinical psychology Prague ATODA Medical

In ATODA Medical we always aim to offer the best care possible, particularly to our youngest and growing-up patients. Our private clinic offers a comprehensive complex care under one roof, including psychology for children, and collaboration among our various Medical departments brings many advantages. Cooperation among given departments helps us treat patients of all ages and, if needed, to pass them on to follow-up care at the same time.


Child psychologist (Prague) who will gain your trust

Our child psychology department of ATODA Medical in Praha 7 employs excellent specialists and capacities in its field, who work here to provide you with the best care possible.

We know that your children are the most important a you want to give them the best. We believe that we will quickly gain your trust. You do not have to worry about long waiting times and we want to provide our clients with not only good, but event he best services. Book an appointment for a specific date and do not waste your time by waiting.


When a psychologist is the only solution

There is nothing wrong with the fact that sometimes a clinical child psychologist is the only solution in some cases. Autism spectrum disorders, psychotic disorders, as well as educational problems or aggression of the child cannot be dealt with without the assistence of a professional.

If you have problems with the child’s grades, his interaction with the environment, you do not know how to deal with your child, do not hesitate to make an appointment at ATODA Medical. During your first visits we will focus on what bothers you and afterwards we will work on helping the patient and supporting both him and you.

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