General practitioner Prague 7

Classical and well-known integrated medical discipline in which the provision of health services is generally directed by a physician. Practitioners are just the first ones to target your problems.

The general practitioner is also available in our clinic

Do you need health care to be provided by a general practitioner? As we focus on the overall complexity of health services, our practitioners or GPs know their discipline. Their goal is to provide personal care to everyone.

Our general practitioner will offer many services

It is above all the general focus our GP has. This makes it possible to use a range of medical services. This can be a preventative check-up with a GP, as well as a diagnosis of a specific problem, or recommendations to specialists for more expert assessment of the problem.

Our general practitioner at the Clinic - Prague 7 is for everyone

ATODA Medical provides both family and corporate care. A GP can be available for everybody regardless of your age or whether you are a Czech, a long-term foreign citizen or a group of expats.

Our Prague medical practitioners have modern equipment

Not only their expertise is why registration with ATODA Medical is becoming more and more popular. We also have modern diagnostic devices, thanks to which we immediately know the results of blood tests as well as other analyzes. Thanks to this, our general practitioner for adults as well as a general practitioner for children and adolescents can start treatment immediately. That's why the GPs at our Prague 7 Clinic are the right choice. Do not hesitate to order the date of your visit.

MUDr. Jana Pruklová

General practitioner for adults

Practice: General practicioner at Praktický lékař Spořilov, s. r. o., at Nemocnice Mělník in Infectious dieseases department, work in the inpatient department, in infectious ambulance, counceling for travel medicine and hepatology.

Notable diploma: Lifelong learning diploma. Acupuncture course at IPVZ. Basic internal strain diploma.


MUDr. Nora Grušková

General practitioner for adults

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