Proctology is a branch of medicine concerned with rectal diseases

Proctology is a well-known branch dealing with problems with the rectum. If you have problems with this part of your body, early proctologic examination is an absolute necessity. Make an appointment at our proctologic clinic, where both our top doctor and our proctologic counselling centre are available to you. You can make an appointment by phone, email, or in person.

Where is our proctologist located? It is the proctology in Prague 7

Proctology in Prague 7 is the place where you can make an appointment with us. The proctologist will examine you to diagnose the problem. There can be many of them. The most well-known is fistula in the rectum, anal fissure and other cracks, or also rectal fissure. And even haemorrhoids are nothing exceptional.

You do not have to make an appointment only because of a specific problem and its examination. Make an appointment every time you have a problem with the rectum. Our proctologist will diagnose your problem using the state-of-the-art methods, and will discuss with you the most appropriate treatment. When pain occurs, it can also indicate—besides the aforementioned disorders—some more complicated problems, such as cancer, when it is necessary to carry out an examination of the colon and the rectum as a whole. Do not underestimate the risks and make an appointment with us.

MUDr. Pavel Beňo


Practice: 17 years of experince in Military Hospital Prague - thoracic and abdominal surgery. Head of Surgery in ISCARE Prague (2 years).

Head of Surgery in Homolka Hospital Prague (the first robotic operation in the Czech Republic). Implementation of Long's hemorrhoid surgery method in the Czech Republic


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