Unfortunately, we currently do not accept any new patients for any examinations in this field due to capacity being completely full.

Medical specialization focusing primarily on inflammatory diseases as well as degenerative joint diseases and their localization or various systemic diseases.

We are the top rheumatology of Prague with good results

Thanks to our top team of physicians and their experience, rheumatology brings the perfect results to many patients. Both for less demanding and, of course, even complicated cases.

Perform a complete rheumatological examination

Our goal is to provide the best care. That's why our center specializes in a complete rheumatological examination. By using it, we will diagnose your overall health and diagnose specific problems. Then, our Rheumatology Clinic Prague can propose the right procedure for effective treatment. Do you need an examination? Order by phone or email to determine a date for your visit.

The Rheumatologist works with a number of other experts

The Department of Rheumatology and its team regularly collaborate with a number of other professionals such as the orthopedist, neurologist, physiotherapist or cardiologist. This gives the rheumatologist information on other medical areas, which will help him choose the right treatment for each patient.

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