Nutritional consultancy

We are dealing with proper and optimal nutrition. It is not only a problem of being overweight. Similarly, our team of experts can also focus on issues such as underweight or poor eating habits. Our technical assistance is designed not only for adults but also for children.

Nutritional counseling at the highest level

Thanks to the education and experience of our specialists, ATODA Medical nutritional counseling is at the highest level. We can advise on nutrition issues in relation to the health status or goal. We do not forget even the cross-reference of this field, for example, with the help of a physiotherapist or a psychologist, as well as psychosomatic.

How can a nutrition consultant in ATODA Medical help you?

Loss of weight

Do you know that food you eat decides 80% of your weight loss rate? We will help you by guiding you to single steps, modifying your diet for ideal weight.

Contact us for faster results without experimenting. You will lose unnecessary kilos, inner fat, bad-shaped figure, harmful biochemicals, fatigue and stress caused by unhealthy habits.

We will start with detailed analysis of your nutrition and family habits, including your health dispositions. We will research type of your metabolism, suitable and non-suitable food for you and your own starting plan. We guarantee 100% success by regular check-ups, motivation support, leading, diet consultancy, and suitable recipes.

Single consultations

Are you concerned about something related to loss of weight while you don´t really feel a major health problem? Come to see us and ask. Consult with us. We will check your weight and measurements, consult nutrition anamnesis with you and interpret direct results for you.

Consultation and leading through health diets/curative diets

In case your doctor recommended you a diet for some reasons (diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, celiac diseases etc.), we will determine a suitable diet for you. We will suggest curative food as well as food harmful to your body. We will suggest technological procedures to prepare special food and determine the best diet for you. By regular check-ups, we will make sure everything works well for you.

Nutrition consulting in pregnancy and breastfeeding, or „Eat, you eat for two now…!“

Healthy diet during pregnancy is important as it has a direct effect on proper fetus growth. Basal metabolism during pregnancy is up 25%. This is why it is important to raise you food by 200 calories per day. Rational nutrition is highly recommended, not only in variety, but also in quantity. We will recommend what your diet should not miss, what is over your limits, how much you should drink in pregnancy, how to deal with vegetarianism or diabetes. Also breastfeeding – varied diet with suitable proportion of vegetables, legumes and fruits is good for you as well as for you baby. We will advise you in what to be done in case of your or your baby´s flatulence.

Osteoporosis/osteoporosis prevention consultations

One of the tools to prevent osteoporosis and bone mass loss among adult population is reasonable diet. By suitable diet, we can add enough „building material“ to your bones. Together, we will set up a reasonable and rational diet for you.

Nutrition in old age

Scientific research confirms improper diet can speed up the process of getting old. And vice versa, suitable diet improves quality of life in late stages of life. Many elderly people don´t respect nutrition recommendations or even don´t know about them. With age, basal metabolism is on decline, and so is physical activity. Don´t be afraid to come and ask whether you or your parents/grandparents can do better in their age.

Healthy children’s diet

Are you concerned about what is best for your child? We offer common consultations with or without your child. We will teach your child how to apply the right for choosing the best food. We will teach them how to reason about their diet, and how to influence it the best way. Through us, the child will understand why fresh fruit and vegetables is good for him/her and why not to eat fried, over-salted or too sweet food.

Sportsman’s diet

Whether you are a holiday sportsman, or a professional – solid sport performance starts with proper diet. Badly selected diet will decrease your energy and power, slow down regeneration and increase injury risk.

You will be able to find out what, when and how to eat during the whole day: when to start the activity, what to eat beforehand; how to set up a proper diet for endurance and power sports; how to speed up regeneration and lower injury risks by pro-sport diet.

ATODA Medical nutrition consultant always cooperates with general practitioners for adults / pediatricians, as well as with a physiotherapists. But more importantly, with experts on metabolism and obesitology.

ATODA Medical nutrition consultancy is a complex way towards healthy lifestyle.

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