Pediatrician Prague 7

Health care for young children is difficult because of the need to choose a sensitive and receptive approach to each patient. Our pediatrician can handle it without difficulty. Her professionalism and expertise is obvious to any who were her patient.

Our pediatrician will understand the child patient

Providing childcare is also based on mutual trust and effort to eliminate all concerns. Our pediatrician can even create a relationship that will facilitate both diagnosis and treatment. The pediatrician at ATODA Medical - Prague is the right choice for your child.

Only the top pediatricians know how to ensure your child's health

Thanks to our expertise and rich experience, our pediatrician can always diagnose any medical problem and initiate treatment. It will also allow for modern devices that make test results available immediately. With us you will always find only real professionals and you can be sure that our pediatrician never neglects anything.

Not only a child doctor, but also an assistant in education

We are also looking for a healthcare facility because our child doctor does not just stay diagnosed and treated. She can also advise on education. She is an expert who understands perfectly the child's world.

Why our pediatrician in Prague 7? Because she is not in a hurry and can dedicate your child the required time

The child's confidence, but also his/her examination, can not be hurried. The pediatrician at our clinic (Prague 7) knows this very well. This is why the individual examinations are carried out without any hurry and hustle. Our doctors will examine your child for as long as it is not thoroughly examined. We also think about this when ordering individual patients.

MUDr. Agnieszka Podstolská


Practise: Hospital KOLO, Poland, 1990 – 1996,  Medicover Poland, 1996 – 2003, Since 2005 employee of the University Hospital Motol (children emergency  unit) until now, Since 2009 started cooperation with Medicover Prague.

Specialization: General checkups, Preventive medical examinations, Home visits, Emergency care.


MUDr. Sylva Draxlová


Education: 1.LF UK Prague.

Practice: 1999 – 2003 secondary doctor Children's Department of Ostrov Hospital, 2003 – 2004 secondary doctor DEO NMSKB Prague, 2004 – present FN Motol Urgent children's income + LSPP,  2017 – present  Atoda Medical.



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