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We perform diagnostic sonography and Doppler sonographic examination of the vascular

Sonography (ultrasound) is a proven, completely non-invasive, safe and highly effective screening method. In addition, Doppler sonographic examination allows to review a find in vascular bed, particulary to evaluate the presence of vascular occlusions or to evaluate the degree of their narrowing.

Sonography is a necessary diagnostic tool for preventive examination and of course it is absolutely essential also for pathological problems.

We offer a sonographic examination for children and adults:

<span>Appointment for an exact time</span>
Appointment for an exact time
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Order for the exact time - no waiting
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Doctors have enough time to take care of you
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Pleasant home ambience


Frequently asked questions our radiology and screening specialist, MUDr. Radchuk, answers:


Are there any known risks or even contraindications regarding sonography?

There aren’t any know contraindications or risks to undergoing a sonographic examination, including the Doppler screening.


How should i prepare for my sonographic examination?

To perform a sonography of the abdomen, including abdominal aorta, and small pelvis it is necessary not to eat at least 6 hours prior to the examination. It is needed mostly to recude flatulence in your stomach and intestines. In urgent cases, it can be done without preparation. In all other cases, no special preparation is required.


What should i take with me to a sonographic examinatio:

Clients may arrive with a filled-out referral (ie. from their general practitioner) in which there is exactly specified the necessary examination.

In case that a client wants to have an examination from his own will, he only fills-out an entry form at ATODA Medical and he specifies his request directly to our specialist.


What is the course of a sonographic examination?

The examination is performer by a specialist – radiologist, who chooses a suitable ultrasound probe and sets optimal parameters for each given scan. During the examination, patient lays down on an examination bed. Physician smoothly moves the ultrasound probe around a patients body in the are which needs to be examined and while doing so, he also watches the images on his monitor. In the examined area, the skin of the patient is covered by a sonographic gel. If the need arises, the doctor also has at his disposal a sterile gel. The examination is performed in varying layers depending on the position of the probe, sometimes in different positions of the patient. During the examination, the doctor also takes various measurements if needed. At the end, you will receive a written medical report, optionally also an image documentation from the performer examination.


How long does the sonography takes?

The examination takes between 30-60 minutes, depending on the area and seriousness, but always so long that it is performed above 100%. In addition to the examination alone, at our Clinic there is also enough time for explanation of the methods used and of the find itself.  We alocate enough time and place great emphasis on answering all of our patient’s questions.

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