A unique discipline that does not only focus on the treatment of specific diseases. Known are, for example, hand surgery, as well as other areas. The specificity of this discipline is that the complications are solved by surgery, manual and instrumental treatment.

Our top surgery is for you

Among the services offered by ATODA Medical are also this sought-after branch. Like many others, surgery under the guidance of an experienced team will offer security of professionalism and perfect work. We are also experts for Haemorrhoids treatment and diagnostics.

Not only adult but also pediatric surgery Prague

Our private clinic focuses not only on adult patients but also on children. Our children's surgery and its team are open to even younger patients of any age.

Department of Surgery - Prague can handle many interventions

We work on an outpatient basis. However, we can offer a whole range of special treatments that cover many areas of your body. Our surgery clinic is based on versatility and individual approach to each patient and their specific problems. For example:

We offer comprehensive services

These are not just medical procedures that our team of experienced physicians performs. We also offer the necessary examinations and follow-up consultations related to the treatment proposal itself and its implementation in our clinic.

One-day surgery (Prague) cooperates with other disciplines

Since ATODA Medical brings together a team of specialists in many areas, our one-day surgery has overlapped into other disciplines. Thanks to mutual cooperation, we can offer you top-quality surgery as well as after-care including rehabilitation after surgery.

Our surgical ambulance is also available to you

Do you need a particular surgical procedure? Or, first, a top-level examination of our experts with a follow-up procedure? Surgical ambulance Prague is here for you too. You can order by phone or e-mail.

MUDr. Pavel Beňo


Practise: 17 years of experince in Military Hospital Prague - thoracic and abdominal surgery. Head of Surgery in ISCARE Prague (2 years).

Head of Surgery in Homolka Hospital Prague (the first robotic operation in the Czech Republic). Implementation of Long's hemorrhoid surgery method in the Czech Republic


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