Dermatology - skin care

A field that deals with the skin, but also with hair and nails. We also offer you a wide range of services under the guidance of high-quality physicians. Our dermatology therefore ranks among the best. We offer also aesthetic dermatology, plasmotheraphy, hyaluronic acid mesotherapy and acne treatment.

The dermatology clinic is part of our clinic

ATODA Medical's goal is to provide comprehensive health care in one place. This is why the outpatient clinic is part of our clinic. If you have any problem, our dermatology is available to you. You can order by phone or e-mail.

Everyone on our body eventually will discover small skin flaws – freckles, beauty blemishes, various growths, red to brown dots, or enlarged veins. After a thorough dermatoscopic examination, physicians can opt for quick and safe electrocautery surgery, in addition to a common surgical procedure. Electrocautery is performed in local anesthesia, and it is also possible to use Entonox (an inhalation anesthetic). For a few minutes, it is precisely focused on the problematic manifestation that will destroy it thermally and will not damage the surrounding tissue or vessels. The area of operation does not bleed and heals quickly.

Top dermatology is a matter of utmost importance to us

Whether you have any problem with the skin of your body, our dermatology at Prague 7 can properly diagnose, but it will also start the right treatment with excellent results. Our dermatological clinic in Prague uses a top doctor with top experience.

Our Prague ambulance is for children and adults

We provide comprehensive family care, making our dermatology Prague focused on the treatment of both adult and pediatric patients. Children's dermatology ATODA Medical is a place where we can help with a problem with your descendant.

The dermatologist will also offer a range of additional services

We are not specialized only on diagnostics and treatment. Our clinic (Prague 7) is also connected with consultations, which is carried out by a dermatological clinic. We also specialize in aesthetic dermatology, when our dermatologist, after initial consultation, suggests possible procedures.

Our dermatology Prague specializes in skincare, nails and hair

You can visit us not only with problems that are related to your skin. Our top dermatologists also focus on nails, sweat glands, additional hair or other areas.

Each of our dermatology is the leader in their field

We want our private dermatology Prague to offer the best services. That's why the dermatologist will be your best practitioner and a leader in your field. We regularly cooperate with the renowned dermatology clinics to ensure the best possible care.

Our dermatology Prague 7 is open every day

Do you need a diagnosis of a skin problem, a treatment or just a consultation? Contact us. Dermatology Prague 7 is available to you every weekday. Order at a suitable time by phone or email.

MUDr. Guzal Peyger

Dermatologist and Aesthetic Surgeon

Practice: General University Hospital of the First Faculty of Medicine, Department of Dermatology, Health Centre Medicentrum Beroun, Dermato Aesthetic Centre Izmir Turkey, Department of Dermatology of Bulovka Hospital. Medical Postgraduate Certification in Dermatovenerology - Czech Republic.

Scholarship in aesthetic medicine in Barcelona (Spain), current internship and training in aesthetic medicine in professional courses taking place in France and Spain.

Publications in renowned journals - in the Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Japan.


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