Gastroenterology Prague - colonoscopy, gastroscopy

Gastroenterology is a discipline which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases associated with the digestive tract. From the area of the digestive tract to the area of the anus.

Take full advantage of top gastroenterology services. Prague is the right location.

At ATODA Medical, we pride ourselves on top-quality care and services. In order to maintain both, a good gastroenterologist is also provided externally at a time which suits you best. The place of the examination will be our clinic or the cooperating external facility, where we guarantee the same quality of examination as in ours.

We offer colonoscopic, endoscopic, gastroesophageal, gastroenterological and other examinations.

Your expert doctor will be responsible for providing the best care which may be related to the possible range of examinations mentioned above. They may also include enteroscopy, colonoscopy, gastroscopy, liver examination and many others.

Endoscopy, coloscopy or colonoscopy as well as gastroscopy. Prague will offer top experts and equipment.

Even with an external doctor, you will always receive an excellent medical care based on both his or her knowledge and experience, as well as the modern instruments that will be used for the examination.

MUDr. Petr Hrabák


Education: 2.LF FNM, Attestation of gastroenterology in 2016.

Practise: Since 2009 4.Internal Clinic of VFN, Prague.

Specialization: gastroenterological comprehensive ultrasound examination, upper and lower endoscopy.


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Order to the doctor
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