Individual and family care

We are a non-state medical facility that aims at providing premium healthcare at the highest level. We focus on all ages, from newborns to seniors. This also results in the ability to meet individual requirements.

Superior health care for everyone

ATODA Medical offers you a unique concepts combined with medical treatment. You can choose a one-time payment, billing through the employer, or the choice of several preferred programs. If you are not sure which program is right for you, contact us and we will advise you on your requirements. Whether it's classical care of general practitioners or specialists in various fields. We can also offer physiotherapy, massages, Pilates exercises and other services.

Home health care as a recent hit

Domestic healthcare is designed for all our existing patients, according to the chosen program and its scope. It is also available to foreigners who need our help. Our medical care includes both the possibility of using a non-stop phone line, as well as visits at home, in hotels or at work.

Come to the clinic

If you have any health problem, we will be glad to welcome you to our clinic. The appointment time is chosen so that we can maximally adapt to your options in terms of leisure time. You can order in person and by phone.

ATODA Medical offer health care Programs BASIC, PLUS, PLUS Junior for clients of czech health insurance.

Program BASIC include following services:

  •          Organization of health care of GP and pediatrician
  •          Extensive preventive examinations
  •          Sufficient time frame for each examination (time required, not time paid by insurance)
  •          Medical confirmations
  •          Discount for Medical specializations provide in ATODA Medical
  •          Application of vaccinations (medication paid by clients)
  •          Nonstop telephone health service
  •          Discount for Home Visits
  •          Organization and arrangement examinations in hospitals or other cooperating medical offices or hospitalizations, surgery (Prague)
  •          Booking system – subscribe to term choosen by clients, minimizing waiting times, pre-notices of appoitments by sms or e-mail
  •          Informing – offers, news
  •          Client services


Program PLUS / PLUS Junior include following services:

  •          Program BASIC
  •          Application of vaccination against Influenza
  •          Medical services in following Specializations in  ATODA Medical :Alergology, Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Neurology, Diabetology, Surgery, Rheumatology

Prices – Programs:


7200.- CZK

client / per year


12100.- CZK

client / per year

Due a personal consultation in ATODA Medical we offer family or quantity discounts and the option of staggered payments.

In case you want to use only partial service or a one-time visit of ATODA MEDICAL, it is possible to pay various services through our price list.

Order to the doctor